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clipboard polaroid StephanieI think many of us write because at some point on our journey we were changed by something we read, something someone else was brave enough to write, and we hope that we can do the same for another, that our words, our hearts, our selves will touch another soul out there and make their life a bit better.   And while finding the perfect words to capture a feeling, a moment, a truth, usually results in the most incredible high, it can also be hard, lonely, and often terrifying work.

As writers we put a piece of ourselves onto every page. We then send these pages out into the world for all to see and wait for the inevitable verdict: Did we create something of worth or are we frauds? How terrifying is that? There are few professions that ask so much.

I believe in the worth of our stories, in their power. I also believe there is a child out there who is waiting, needing, to read yours. I’d like to help you find your voice, your courage, and share the story that’s in your heart.

Why Me?

Check out my publishing creds and boring bio Here.

How This Works

Check out the services I offer below. Contact me Here with the service you are interested in. I will then send you a final quote and link for payment via PayPal. If you have a discount code, put it in the subject line of your email.

Don't See What You're Looking For?

No worries. Contact me Here, describe what you’re working on and what you need from me, and together we’ll create a critique package to fit your needs.


Periodically, I will offer free critiques and discount codes. These will vary in what exactly is offered and what is required from you. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter and follow my social media accounts. I will often do a special just for Newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc, followers.

Services I Offer

Professional critique

This is a “big picture” critique. It looks at things like story arc, plot, character development, pacing, etc. (for a critique of sentence structure, grammar, or punctuation please see Proofreading).

Picture Books (1000 words max)

  • Story Critique (this does not include rhyme) $50
  • Story and Rhyme Critique $100

Chapter Books and Middle Grade Novels

  • First Chapter $100
  • Whole Novel $100/first 1000 words plus $0.01/additional word

Query letter critique $25

Nonfiction proposal critique $40

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Other Services

Proofreading $0.01/word, $20 minimum.

This is a final check before submission. Proofreading checks for typos, punctuation, and grammar. This option should only be chosen after multiple revisions.

Ghostwriting $0.37/word

Workshops $150/hour

I love talking and teaching about writing and the publishing process, whether it’s on the nitty gritty of technique, the path a story takes from manuscript to printed book, or the nuances of surviving and thriving in a creative career. I’d love to come talk with your classroom or writers group.

Create a Critique Group COMING SOON!

Finding a critique group is a daunting endeavor. If you are lucky enough to find an already existing group willing to open their ranks to a new member that just happens to write what you write and whose personalities  meld with yours like you all shared the same womb, then Yay You! This package is not for you. This package is for the rest of us who must create our own group from scratch with total strangers.

This package answers the following questions and so much more: How do I find members who write what I write and whose personalities won’t drive me nuts? How do I give a critique that doesn’t result in death threats or making someone cry? How do I receive a critique without crying (or jumping off a cliff)? What exactly do we do at meetings besides stare at each other (and try not to cry)? How often do we meet? Where do we meet? Do we meet at all or are we a cyber group? And the most important–My group is driving me batty, how do I get out of this mess?