On Community and Finding Your Tribe

weird rabbits 1aeastertravelersgfairy003bThe Terroir Writing Festival was this weekend. My colleague, Stephanie Shaw, was speaking about the path to publication and invited me to talk about my coaching services and do a drawing for a free critique.

It was only one seminar in a long day of seminars on writing, but this one was the only one specifically for children’s authors. When I left after that brief hour or so, I felt that familiar bubbling goodness deep in my chest. That joy that comes from inspiration and knowing you are where you belong. I realized yet again that this is the importance of community.

I am an author and artist. Much of my work is solitary. I forget so easily and quickly how important contact with my tribe is to my wellbeing—mentally, emotionally, even physically (after all it’s all tied together, isn’t it?).

Our tribes feed our souls like nothing else. It is from our souls that our creative selves flow, where our stories are born, where our true selves reside. I wasn’t a close friend with anyone at this seminar but I went away inspired just having spent time in the presence of others who shared my passion.

I encourage you to find your tribe. It usually means you have to reach out, stretch that hermit part of yourself, but when you do, it is oh so worth it. There is a spirit, a power, which comes when creatives gather and if you’re open to it, Wowsa!

It may mean joining an organization like the SCBWI, or going to a conference or retreat. Maybe it’s organizing a mini retreat of your own with people you admire. Be brave and put yourself out there. Daring opens the door to the Divine and that’s when things happen. Good things. Connections are made that result in community, which feeds your soul, which releases more of your truth into the universe, and the result is pure magic.

Friends, it has been months since I had a full set of buttons. Today I came pretty close. Thank you, fellow writers, for showing up and being you. You blessed me today.


PS: This experience has sparked some ideas for how I can help you reach out and make those vital connections and find your creative tribe. More to come soon!

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