George by Alex Gino


It’s here!

Well, almost.

George by Alex Gino goes on sale this coming Tuesday, August 25th (Thank you Shay McClean and Third Street Books for the ARC).

Folks, you need to read this book.

Here’s what I love about books and reading: How a story allows me to live, even for a moment, outside my own experience, to live inside someone else’s skin. It’s incredible. It’s world changing. It’s pure fuckin’ magic, people!

George is this kind of magic. Thank you, Alex Gino, for giving me the gift of being a 10-year-old transgender girl for a moment. It was truly life changing.

So, here it is, my official review. Enjoy and Share!


George by Alex Gino

Everyone thinks George is a boy but she knows she’s a girl. A girl who wants to be seen for who she really is. Unfortunately, no one is looking.

At home, to an overworked, single mom and boisterous older brother, George is practically invisible. School is no better. When you’re in the wrong body, ordinary daily activities become a minefield and navigating them treacherous, especially when the resident bullies have your number. George is desperate to share her secret but when she tries no one is really listening.

Then the perfect opportunity presents itself in the school play of Charlotte’s Web. George believes that if she can just get the part of Charlotte her mom and brother and the whole school will finally see her. But when George tries out for the part her teacher thinks it’s a bad joke and is NOT amused.

Enter George’s best friend, Kelly, who does what best friends do and hatches a plan to get George onstage. The plan is a success but George’s debut gets mixed reviews, especially from her mother.

This long-overdue and important book about being young and discovering you’re transgender, about finding your voice and being true to yourself, about being there for your friends and family, is a delight to read and the best kind of magic.

Go get it here and support my TBR (to be read) fund.

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