My Button Box

For those days you wake up missing some or all of your buttons...

(contains strong language)

Let’s be honest, the journey to real can get pretty rough and the creative life isn’t always about riding that inspiration high. It’s damn hard work. It takes a lot of courage to be who you really are and some days can get pretty dark.

I hate using the words Depression and Anxiety. I know there is value in using proper labels for things but when I’m there, in that place, I find those words very defeating. So, I prefer to say “I’m missing some buttons” or, if things are particularly bad, “My Dark Passenger is fucking with me” (thank you Dexter).

This is where I collect things that help when it’s dark. Need a few buttons of your own? Please, help yourself!

Calming Manatee

My Pinterest Button Box

Calvin and Hobbes Daily

Lip Sinc Battle with Emma Stone and Jimmy Fallon

31 Palms Overflowing with Cuteness

Sara Bareilles “Brave” music video